Series 1 Episode 1 refers to the first episode of Hotel Babylon television series which first aired on 19 January 2006 .

Summary Edit

Charlie (Max Beesley) is interviewed by Rebecca (Tamzin Outhwaite) for the job of Deputy Manager. Later he realises he has a rival, Anna (Emma Pierson), with whom he has some history, and who proves to be a clever and formidable opponent. On the plus side, the beautiful Head of Housekeeping Jackie (Natalie Mendoza) has started inviting him to assignations in guests' bedrooms.

He must prove his worth and this involves manipulating a world famous rock band into spending as much money and trashing as much of the hotel as possible. Thanks to their hard-nosed manager Nina (Rachael Stirling) things don't exactly go to plan at first, but when she assaults one of the chambermaids, Charlie takes matters into his own hands.

With the help of the rest of the staff, Charlie organises a surprise party to teach her a lesson, and extract as much money as possible from the band.Rebecca meanwhile, is clearly having troubles of her own - she is avoiding going home. Charlie eventually gets the job but is dismayed to find that Anna has taken his old post of Head Receptionist. And his troubles don't end there - he has been spotted by a suspicious limousine driver who claims to know him and implies he has something to hide.